26 mar 2019

Modernization of the L-VI shaft complex

Works on the L-VI shaft near Rynarcice in the Rudna commune, refurbished by PeBeKa S.A. is heading towards the end.

Works conducted by PeBeKa lasted over 2 years. So far, a building of petrochemical materials, an administration and social building and a porter's lodge, a water treatment plant with a drinking water tank as well as a heat centre have been created on the shaft site. The building of the workshops and squares and access roads along with the bus shelter and parking are at the completion stage. Works on the construction of a warehouse for waste and a landfill for loose and other materials will also be completed soon. The shaft tower has undergone a thorough modernization and the shaft has been expanded according to its intended function.

The L-VI shaft was explored about 30 years ago by PeBeKa. Its diameter is 7.5 m and the depth is 962 m.

Over the years, its function and concept of development have been changed several times. Before modernization it was an inspiration shaft, through which around 27,000 m3/min of fresh air flowed from the surface to the ground. Adaptation of the L-VI shaft to human exits and leaving materials underground is important for maintaining the mining capacity of Zakłady Górnicze Lubin. The decision to modernize this shaft complex is a consequence of the need to shorten transport routes. Reducing the distance for miners to reach from the shaft to the longwall they work in will allow them to extend their effective time even from one and a half to two hours on one shift.

Modernization of the L-VI shaft complex