The renovation of the L-VI shaft will not only allow mining in the northern parts of the mine, but it will also shorten the transport route, and hence the time of employees' travel from the shaft to the ancestor. This shaft will be used until the end of works of Zakłady Górnicze Lubin.

Construction of cubic structures and surface infrastructure of the L-VI shaft in Rynarcice, in the Rudna Commune, is run by KRB, the construction department of PeBeKa. Assembly works are performed by KRM.

Reconstruction of the L-VI shaft - works are underway

Duration: 2016 - 2018 (w trakcie)
Investor: KGHM Polska Miedź Spółka Akcyjna Oddział Zakłady Górnicze Lubin
Additional technical data:
  • Shaft diameter: 7, 5 m
  • Depth: 962 m
  • The shaft was explored 40 years ago by Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Kopalń PeBeKa S.A.
  • Current function: downcast shaft
  • The amount of air flowing during 1 minute while carrying out modernization works: 27 thousand of m3
  • Designed function: material - downhill shaft (by L-VI shaft about 1300 people will be coming down during the day).
  • The L-VI shaft will be equipped with a mining basic casing lift with a counterweight designed for: people downhill (max 150 people) and transporting containers and large-size machines.
  • Scope of works carried out on the surface: arrangement of the area around the shaft, dismantling of destroyed buildings, modernization of the shaft tower and its adaptation to the construction of new hoisting machines, construction of the mining basic and mining extract of the emergency and revision extract, construction of the administration and social building, headroom, warehouses and workshops, a shed, a bus yard with parking lots and a water treatment station.
  • Scope of works carried out underground: dismantling of old equipment in the sump, cleaning the sump and building a new reinforcement according to the new shaft function, making new pit equipment with the associated rooms.
* Pictures showing the current status of works are from the archive of KGHM PM S.A. O/ZG Lubin.


Poland, Głogów, Dolnoslaskie province,

Project outline

The extension of the L-VI shaft and its adaptation for  use as elevator will allow the effective working time of miners who are currently going underground with the L-V or L-IV shaft.

Greatest challenges

Key moment

The first exit of basic lift cage.