PeBeKa was charged with the task of completing, within possibly the shortest period of time, the construction of the facility started by another company. The Copper Belt Health Centre is one of the most important institutions in Legnica. It provides inpatient and outpatient health services for the employees of the companies belonging to the KGHM Group and their families.

The Copper Belt Health Centre in Legnica

Investor: „Miedziowe Centrum Zdrowia” S.A. in Lubin 
Time of project execution: 2012-2013

Additional technical data:

  • Number of overground storeys: 3
  • Number of underground storeys: 1 with a car park
  • Usable floor area of each storey: 1000 m2
  • Number of rooms: 188 (consulting rooms, procedure rooms, waiting rooms, registration office, pharmacy, catering unit, offices, toilets, garage, etc.)


Poland, dolnośląskie Province,
Legnica, S. Okrzei 14A Street

Project outline

The initial scope of works included securing the building before winter, clearing and surveying the construction site. The next stage comprised assembly works inside the facility, e.g. the construction of partition walls in the basement and the mounting of external wall insulation in the garage. 

Inside the building, consulting rooms, procedure rooms, physical rehabilitation rooms, specialist surgeries, conference rooms, and technical service rooms were prepared. In total, 188 individual rooms were built. Performed by PeBeKa, the external part of the facility is characterised by a modern exterior wall finish combining in itself the following three different materials: copper sheets, clinker bricks, and mineral render.

The construction of the Copper Belt Health Centre in Legnica not only broadened PeBeKa's competences in the public building sector but also confirms the company's flexibility with respect to adjustment to new challenges such as undertaking a new project while having a number of other tight deadlines to meet.

Greatest challenges

  • Completing construction works started by another contractor
  • Having a short period of time for the performance of works

Key moment

Securing the construction site before winter.