One of the basic services provided by PeBeKa is the comprehensive construction of horizontal mine workings. In the mines located in the Legnica-Głogów Copper Belt, we have built over 1600 kilometres of headings and drifts as well as 700 000 m³ of chamber workings.

Besides shaft sinking and horizontal mine works, PeBeKa specialises also in providing mine workings with technical infrastructure, e.g. the assembly of technological pipelines, the installation of power, lighting or telecommunication cables as well as the construction of transport systems.

Drivage of narrow or chamber workings using explosives

The drivage of workings by means of explosives is a method requiring considerable experience and a proper technique. Relying on their know-how and extensive experience, PeBeKa specialists successfully carry out projects of this type in various parts of the world.

Drivage of narrow workings using the mechanical rock breaking method

The drivage of narrow workings by means of the mechanical rock breaking method is one of the basic mining techniques. It consists in breaking pieces of rock from the rock mass and crushing them down to the required sizes without changing their state.

Rebuilding or reconstruction of headings

The rebuilding or reconstruction of headings, particularly those of cultural importance, is an enormous challenge in which the most significant factors are safety and precision of performance. Enjoying the investors’ enormous trust, PeBeKa specialists carried out reconstruction works in the underground workings of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, a monument of history entered in the UNESCO's world heritage list.

Underground assembly works

PeBeKa offers a full range of services related to mining works. Besides comprehensive working drivage projects, we specialise in the construction of facilities constituting complete underground infrastructure. The driving of many kilometres of horizontal workings requires systematic assembly of technological pipelines, as well as power, lighting and telecommunication cables. We build also underground transport systems

Underground drilling operations

Besides the classical drivage of workings, PeBeKa deals with the reconnaissance of mineral deposits. The drilling of boreholes makes it possible to collect detailed data concerning the geological conditions of the deposits of ore and accompanying minerals; such data are essential for the preparation of complex mineral mining projects.