25 mar 2019

A trial geothermal drilling in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

On March 7, 2019, a drill made by our company was launched and the event was accompanied by a conference convened by Marcin Witko, the President of Tomaszów, on which there was present the company's Financial Director and the Vice-president of Management Board of PeBeKa Mr. Robert Flak.

The purpose of the well is to test the possibility to achieve energy independence by the city through the geothermal energy - the most modern renewable energy available today. The heat generated by water resources can be used, among others in the municipal heating network for heating public buildings and private apartments and it will also significantly improve the air quality.

- We have completed the preparatory work on the construction site behind us. On site, we have assembled the G-55 drilling rig, which will be our main tool until we drill down to a depth of 400 meters. Later, we will change it for one that will allow reaching the target planned depth of 2090m ± 20%. After drilling the aquifer layer, we will carry out hydrogeological research on the water that will appear there. We want to check its temperature, chemical composition and the possibility of using it for thermal purposes - said the Executive Vice President of the Management Board of PeBeKa, Mr. Robert Flak.

This is another geothermal hole implemented by our company. The management of Roboty Wiertnicze Powierzchniowe (KRWP) has recently completed work on a similar project in Lądek Zdrój.


A trial geothermal drilling in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.