28 nov 2017

Miner’s Day celebrations 2017 in PeBeKa S.A.

On 17 November 2017 the traditional Miner’s Day celebrations were held in PeBeKa, during which 51 employees were given awards, 18 persons received medals and 30 persons - a special distinction: an Honorary Miner Sword. Apart from summaries of the past year, one of the chief topics discussed during the event was the company's future.

Miner's Day celebrations

17 November was a festive day in Lubin. The current and retired employees of the company PeBeKa as well as special guests, including, among others, representatives of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., MPs and senators, representatives of provincial and local government officials, and many friends of the company, met in the Muza Culture Centre in Lubin at the annual Miner’s Day celebrations. Mirosław Skowron, President of the Management Board of PeBeKa thanked the distinguished miners and company employees for the whole year of efforts and important achievements and indicated new challenges for the miners and engineers that may appear in the near future.

- I am also convinced that it is now – in the times of unprecedented technological development – that PeBeKa miners and engineers will once again determine the directions of the industry development. In the over 50-year history of the company, employees of PeBeKa have implemented pioneering technological solutions using the available state-of-the-art achievements of science and engineering. I have no doubt that in the future PeBeKa will develop in this direction as well – said Mirosław Skowron, President of the Management Board of PeBeKa.

Distinctions and miner’s ranks

Traditionally, the most important moment of the gala was the awarding of distinguished employees of PeBeKa with distinctions. 12 persons were awarded the Golden Medal for Long-standing Service and 6 persons - the Silver and Bronze Medals. Mr Henryk Janisio received a medal for his distinguished service for the mining industry of the Republic of Poland. Furthermore, 4 employees were awarded the medal for their distinguished service for KGHM, and 46 persons - the medal of the Distinguished Employee of PeBeKa, of which 1 golden medal, 6 silver medals and 39 bronze medals.

Miner’s ranks were also granted: the President of the Management Board of PeBeKa Mirosław Skowron was appointed the third grade General Mining Chief, 7 persons were awarded Mining Engineer diplomas and 30 persons - the Honorary Miner Sword.

Additionally, 11 mothers who have at least three sons working in the mining industry were also distinguished for their parental effort. Two artists: Gabriela Nowak and Kamil Osiński performed Wojciech Młynarski’s song “There’s no place like Mama's” especially for them.

6 miners celebrated their 35th anniversary of employment in the mining industry, 4 miners - the 25th anniversary, and 20 persons - the 25th anniversary of employment.


The miners’ tradition - a prayer to St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners

On 19 November 2017 at 10:00 am in St. Jan Bosko Church in Lubin, the annual solemn mass was held for the intention of present and former employees of Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Kopalń PeBeKa S.A.

Rev. Bishop Zbigniew Kiernikowski celebrated the mass. He addressed the employees of PeBeKa wishing them safety in their daily work, as well as an ability to use their talents properly and to continually develop their competences and knowledge. President of the Management Board of PeBeKa, Mr Mirosław Skowron, Vice-President of the Management Board, Ms Agnieszka Demczuk, a representative of the Supervisory Board of PeBeKa with their family, and the following miners participated in the mass: Jan Ilski, Andrzej Rodzeń, Artur Zacharzewski, Grzegorz Skoczyński, Piotr Ligudziński, Lukasz Czekajło, Marcin Sawaryn, Leszek Pikula, Tomasz Kasprów and Jan Hawrysz. The colour party was composed of Marcin Stefański, Konrad Wolszczak and Waldemar Ziobrowski.

The Male Miners Choir of ZG Lubin conducted by Krzysztof Kujawski gave a performance during the event.

We would like to thank the Reverend Guardian of our company Stanisław Gorczakowski, the parish priest in St. Jan Bosko Church, and Rev. Maciej Michalak for their assistance in the organization of the mass.


The winter gathering of shaft freezing specialists…

Employees of PeBeKa and other invited guests met on 17 November 2017 at a traditional gathering to celebrate the Miner's Day together. The chief attractions of the evening comprised a presentation of ice cutting - “ICE SHOW”, the “Patman Crew” show - a combination of technology, dancing and a brilliant sense of humour, as well as a laser show. Another attraction was the Dansax group performance. Although the gathering was held in a cold winter setting, the participants had a great time! The host of the event was a compère, Krzysztof Langer from the “Paka” cabaret.

The event was organized in the hall at Składowa Street in Lubin.

Miner’s Day celebrations 2017 in PeBeKa S.A.