The pipeline, with a total length of over 1 km, built of steel pipes in a reinforced concrete housing, will be used to transport post-flotation waste to the Żelazny Most tailings pond, where the flowing water will be clarified and returned to the ZWR.

The necessity to carry out the demolition of the "E" pipeline section and the construction of a new E-section was a consequence of the decision to enlarge the Żelazny Most waste disposal facility (OUOW) and to execute South Lodges in connection with the need to ensure failure.

A discharge pipeline within E

Investor: KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Oddział Zakład Hydrotechniczny
Time of realization: 2017-2019
Additional technical data:
• The target pressure prevailing in the pipeline is just over 7 bar
• Current elevation of the water table in the reservoir 172,5 m above sea level.
• Target elevation of the water table in the reservoir 208 m above sea level.
• The amount of concrete mix used is 2179,1 m3
• The amount of embedded reinforcing steel is nearly 305 tons
• The length of the planned pipeline is approximately 1098 m
Authors of photographs: Jarosław Kasian and Mariusz Kukliński


Poland, Lower Silesian Voivodeship,

Żelazny Most Reservoir, east of Polkowice near Rudna in Legnica-Głogów Copper District (LGOM)

Project outline


The newly constructed fragment of the steel pipeline in the reinforced concrete housing was located on the external side of the OUOW storage site, along its southern dam, and then passes under the designed western dam of the Southern Unit. The end of the pipeline is at the place of being connected to the pipeline of the Damówka and Tarnówek pumping stations.

The pipeline was equipped with a branch length of over 9 m, fully encapsulated and finished with a sluice chamber. The pipeline route includes technological chambers and massive resistance blocks. The reinforced concrete lining of the pipeline has been covered with an elastic, chemically resistant coating, additionally the bottom of the housing has been secured with a HDPE geomembrane.

The newly constructed section of the "E" pipeline after the execution of the South Unit will be covered by over 60 meters of soil.

The pipeline was made of DN1800 steel pipes in a reinforced concrete jacket 30 cm thick on a length of 912.02 m and steel pipes DN1400. The pipeline consists of 41 segments with an average length of 26 m terminated with compensators.

Greatest challenges

Execution of a reinforced concrete casing in a circular cross-section.



Key moment